Welcome to the basics page! Here you will find helpful tips and information for beginners. Please feel free to add to the page if you feel there is something missing.

Game Basics


Once logged in, you will see a top bar with various information, such as your current Rank, your total points, your ranking between players, the crystals you have (and the ability to buy them if you can't get enough in-game), the friends button, the battles button, Garage button, Invite players button, settings button, sound button, help button, and finally the log out button.

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Underneath this bar is the main page (battle selection, garage, etc.), described below.

Battle Selection

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Once logged in, you will be presented with the battle selection screen. On the left is the chat panel, where you can talk to anyone on the same screen on your server. This is helpful for organizing battles. In the center of the screen is the list of battles you can join. Highlighted green are the battles you are able to join based on your rank, and the grayed out battles are above

or below your rank range, and can not be joined. Players can create their own battles with the create button on the bottom right corner of the main battle selection section. To the right, there is a battle detail panel. The battle you selected in the middle section will be displayed on the right. Information includes players in the battle and their score, the mode of the battle, the time remaining, and the status of the battle. You can click the play button after you select a battle to join.

To learn more about this, click here: BATTLE SELECTION SCREEN


The garage is where you can explore the different types of tanks, weapons, supplies, and protection paints you own and can buy them to upgrade your tank. Each of the entries in the garage will have their own page (and if there isn't it will be created soon). Have a look around! Each weapon has its own unique ability, and each hull its own stats and uses.


Once in a battle, you will be presented with your tank. 

WASD or Arrow Keys - Move your tank

Z, X, C or <,>,? - Turn your turret

1 - First Aid

2 - Double Armor

3 - Double Power

4 - Nitro

5 - Mine

Q - Camera Above

E - Camera Below

F - Drop Flag in CTF

P - Pause

Enter - Chat

Ctrl+Enter/T - Team Chat 

Delete - Self Destruct

To learn more about the controls click here!

Weapons and Tank Choices

The first tank and weapon combination you are presented with is Hunter and Smoky. You can explore other combinations as you rank up.

Click on the following links to learn more about the tanks and turrets.